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Ticket Foo

How It Works

Foo-Off plate covers and Foo-Off Blocking Spray aid in avoiding photo red light camera tickets. Our products are made of the highest quality proprietary materials available and are designed in avoiding photo red light camera tickets. Made of a high quality clear plastic with enhanced refraction properties designed to blind, redirect light and obscure the photo image.

Foo-Off Spray

Provides a perfectly transparent and discreet layer of material on the plate surface. Our proprietary formula is so clear, Police don’t have a clue you are using it. The reflective properties of the spray redirect the flash to its source blinding the camera.

* Please note: The spray is a coating designed to reflect flash and redirect direct lighting. The treated area needs to be clean and debris free to work effectively. Keep it clean !

Foo-Off plate covers

Safety is our first concern. STOP thieves from stealing your registration sticker. The license plate blocker adds a layer of security to your license plate making it tough for thieves to steal your information.

All Foo-Off License Plate Covers and meet the law requirements of visibility -150 feet directly behind vehicle in all 50 states.

Court rulings in all 50 States require “the entire license plate must be clear and visible on the image to legally enforce any photo or video traffic enforcement operation”  This means if one (1) digit is obscure, blurry, unknown, blocked the law enforcement agency by law must dismiss any impending action or summons.